Naruto Storm 4: New Online Battle Information and Screenshots

New additions will be made to the online mode of Bandai Namco Entertainment and CyberConnect2’s Naruto Storm 4! The latest screenshots show the game will have Limited Time Only Events where players can fight against certain characters for a certain time period to earn rewards called Ninja Treasures. The example in the screenshot are battles against Gaara, Roshi, and Fuu. There will also be a new Bingo Book mode online that players will be able to earn rewards in. Details on both modes are limited, but examples of some of the rewards that be reaped as a result of coming out victoriously are alternate costumes, accessories like masks, Secret Factors (the images that show when you finish a battle with an Ultimate Jutsu), and pieces of Ninja Info Cards (card picture, title, skin) to represent players online. Logging in to online on a daily basis will also earn players rewards. Again, the full list of rewards has not yet been announced, those are just some of the ones we know of so far.


Another nifty feature are Character Popularity Leaderboards to show which characters are being used the most online!



Naruto Storm 4: New Online Battle Information and Screenshots

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